Green Zari And Sequins Embroidered Semi Velvet Semi Stitched Bridal Lehenga ❰ Back

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★ 1.0
I don't like the quality.
Rosydaevi Certified over 2 years ago

★ 5.0
I looovvveee it they are very coperating specially the stitching team very concerned about what I want they did a very good job I lovvveee it so happy
Mano ali Certified over 2 years ago

★ 5.0
Choli did not fit me but I love the way it had 3 to 4 time stitched at the side so I could do alteration. After I did the alteration it fit me perfect. Thank you I love it.
Magarni2211 Certified over 2 years ago

★ 2.0
Where to begin, first of all the fabric is not velvet which to be honest is not a bad thing because its not heavy but they really shouldn't advertise it as velvet if its not. Second all of I paid extra for custom stitching, paded blouse and a cancan to be attached to my lehengha. I guess they decided to add an invisible one, coz try as I might I cannot spot the cancan. The paded cups are folded in itself and keep moving out of place, its hard to describe but basically unwearable. And the custom measurements that I paid extra for is completely wrong, they're either deslysic or they decided they know my measurements better than I do. There's a huge difference between 28inches (which is what I wanted) and 36inches (what I got). Lets not forget the monstrosity that I got for the sleeves, its nothing like the image. Instead of the the pretty embroidered sleeves I got these mustard coloured fabric which ruins the whole outfit. Why???? I can only conclude that the person is colour blind. Final thoughts save your money, don’t shop from mirraw. Its not worth it.
Rahillah rahmatullah Certified over 2 years ago

★ 4.0
The product is nice, but the stitching did not work for me. It’s too large, I will have to take it to a Tailor, let’s hope that the tailor will be able to help fix it. I will not be able to wear it with the way it was stitched and delivered from Mirraw, it’s way too big!
Nazruba islam Certified over 2 years ago

★ 2.0
Wrong stitching of the top I asked for the top to be long and provided measurements it was not done as requested, I paid for a can can it was not included in the item when I sent an inquiry the customer care person claimed that I did not pay for a can can despite me attaching the order request image
Xmxluae Certified over 2 years ago

★ 5.0
The stitching, the material and even the blouse was amazing. It looks exactly like the picture, the blouse was a perfect fix, despite how badly measured myself. The skirt could have been a little longer, so I can wear it with heels instead of exactly my length. The material was so soft and not itchy at all. Overall stitching was one of my most favorite.
Nizanthy gnanakanthan Certified almost 3 years ago

★ 4.0
Beautiful product, but do not ask for custom length on sleeves, ask for the length AS IS, they placed an extra gold fabric to make the sleeve longer because I put 10 inches, which looks really bad so I have to get that part removed. Lehenga is way too loose, it's a one size fits all i think and you can just tighten the string on top until it fits your waist, but I don't think that looks good so i have to get that tightened as well. Otherwise it's a very beautiful piece, and Mirraw had some delays but they did credit me with store credit for the delay, which I do appreciate. If you're worried about it not looking like the picture, don't worry, it looks exactly like the picture :). Overall a great experience.
Ysaleh Certified almost 3 years ago

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